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Newborn Photography Phoenix

Welcome to Newborn Photography Phoenix, where we specialize in maternity, newborn and family portraits! We are excited to have the opportunity to create timeless, delightful images of you and your beautiful family events. We recognize that these are sacred, special moments in your life and we are honored to be a part of it.

Our experience and expertise allows us to capture your individuality and find, with the camera, those sweet connections that bring you all together as a loving family unit. If you have been searching for newborn photographer near me or Phoenix baby photographers, we are exactly who you’re looking for!

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About Newborn Photography Phoenix

At Newborn Photography Phoenix AZ, we love to bring loving, family connections to people in beautiful, artistic photos and portraits. Specializing in Phoenix baby photography, we want your experience with us to be flawless. From your first consultation to the delivery of your beautiful images, we want you to be assured of our professionalism and attention to detail as it matters to you and your family. As a baby photographer Phoenix, being able to celebrate these cherished events with you through photography is our greatest privilege.

Phoenix Newborn Photographer has been working in the city and its suburbs for several years. Because of our experience serving here, we have found several great outdoor locales for sessions and we know the best times of day for the best natural lighting and all the little details that make a big difference in your photos.

Our passion is working with expectant mothers, newborn babies and the families that come with them. Patience and humor are some of the keys to working with little ones and we are experts at soothing fussy babies who are having a rough time. Capturing those real moments that show the connecting bonds and love of a family is always our goal. Taking those images and creating beautiful family heirlooms that will be treasured for a lifetime is our mission.

Why Choose Us?

At Phoenix Newborn Photographer, our creations of radiant, maternal women, cuddly, sweet, newborn babies, and beautiful, timeless, family portraits that are uniquely personal to you is what sets us apart.

Your satisfaction is our priority from beginning to end. Of utmost importance is the safe handling of your adorable, sweet babe, which is a crucial reason in choosing someone with our expertise.

We offer our clients options to fit their lifestyle. Important things we strive for are:


  • Maternity sessions that are stress-free and relaxing. Feeling the sacred beauty of motherhood and capturing the connection of love and devotion between you and your unborn baby is our goal.
  • Thorough and complete safety and comfort to you sweet newborn. Whether you choose to have us use our fun props, outfits and bows, or you opt for a more natural newborn session, we want your baby to be safe, warm and secure at all times.
  • Ease and simplicity in taking the photos of small children, so little ones are less likely to become restless and/or emotional.
  • The cost of your investment, so that you know what is expected up front and so you have time to budget for everything you want.

Call today or fill out our easy form and we can get the ball rolling on this fabulous journey of family.

phoenix baby photographer
Phoenix newborn photographer

What To Expect?

At Phoenix Newborn Photographer we offer quality products, digital copies and a variety of options.

When you searched baby photography near me or baby photography newborn, it brought you here, to us. Our goal is to create portraits unique to you that are exquisitely timeless.

Working with growing families is something that we really appreciate. Watching families grow from those tender, first newborn photos to the milestone pictures and beyond as the family continues to expand is what we love.

Getting together for a consultation, we can discuss what it is that you’re looking for and what we can offer, whether it’s a maternity, newborn or family session (or all of the above), we hope you’ll let us be part of the celebration.

After searching your phone or laptop for newborn photography near me, you have definitely found the right place. Let’s talk!

At the consultation we will cover:

  • Attire for you, your baby and the rest of your family.
  • We’ll schedule your individual session(s).
  • Discuss location and duration of your session. You can choose to have the session in our professional studio, in a beautiful outdoor location, or perhaps a newborn photography in home session. We also discuss how long each session typically takes to help you plan accordingly.
  • The viewing and ordering session with your Phoenix Newborn Photographer, along with pricing on everything we offer, what you’ll need up front, and the best ways to get what you’re hoping for.

Our goal is for this to be a wonderful, rewarding experience for you and your family. Contact us today!


At Newborn Photography Phoenix we create quality images and photos of those beginning moments in your family’s life. We want to bring you affordable newborn photography Phoenix that is professionally tailored. We love working with families through the years as they grow and expand. From your earliest beginnings, we strive to be the best newborn photographer Phoenix with stunning, maternity photos, to the brand new, fresh-from-heaven newborn stages, to the exciting, fun, ever-growing family phase, we love all the ages and stages and are ready to handle each one with creativity and enthusiasm.

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Maternity Photography

Motherhood is a sacred calling and a beautiful thing to behold. As you stand on the threshold to one of the most life-changing events, you’ll want to preserve those precious feelings of the baby growing and moving inside of you. Our Phoenix Maternity Photographer loves to capture that radiantly beautiful, mother-to-be at this exact time. You will have the option of choosing one of our elegant maternity gowns from the client closet to wear for your photo session, or you can bring an outfit from your own closet that suits you perfectly.

spokane family photography

Family Photography

We really love those sleepy, little curly infants and you will love the delightful images we create with tender, loving care. Newborns are our passion and you will be delighted with the charming props, wraps and hats, blankets and bows we have to create adorable images to encapsulate your cuddly, little sweetheart. Parents and siblings can be a great part of this photo session as you’ll want to incorporate the love and tender feelings each has already for this new, little life.

About Phoenix Arizona

Capital of the southwestern state of Arizona, Phoenix is known for its year-round sunshine and warm temperatures. Anchoring a sprawling, multi-city metro area known as the Valley of the Sun, it is famous for its high-end spa resorts, state-of-the-art golf courses and spirited nightclubs.

Other attractions such as the Desert Botanical Garden are a year-round draw for visitors.

Surrounded by mountain parks, the “Valley of the Sun” as many residents refer to it, is, in fact, adjacent to South Mountain Park and Preserve which is the largest municipal park in the United States. This proximity makes it easy to get out and enjoy incredible views, including spectacular sunsets and varieties of flora and fauna.

Despite being located in the Sonoran Desert, there are six beautiful lakes nearby where you can find kayakers, paddle boarders, jet skiers, not to mention, boating, fishing and lounging.

Indoor activities include unique museums such as, Western Spirit:

Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, the Musical Instrument Museum and The Heard Museum which celebrates Native American art and cultures.

Every conceivable variety of cuisine can be found in the Greater Phoenix area, not to mention a great assortment of beverages that are brewed, distilled or fermented.

Surrounding areas include:

  • Chandler
  • Scottsdale
  • Gilbert
  • Tempe
  • Peoria
  • Queen Creek
  • Anthem
  • Paradise Valley
  • Litchfield Park
  • All surrounding areas...
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Q. What are the maternity and baby photography prices?

Newborn photography prices and maternity photography Phoenix prices, are what we call investments, and vary depending on what options you select. For instance, if you book a maternity and a newborn session together, you will get a better deal than if you just do one at a time. Our consultation appointment can answer all those questions and give you an exact dollar amount, so you know what to budget for.

Q. Does a consultation have to be in person?

Not at all. While we love to meet face to face and get to know a little about you, but that can be accomplished over the phone or even through email. Let us know what works for you!

Q. How soon should newborn photos be taken?

There is, what we call, “the sweet spot” for newborn baby pictures Phoenix, in the early days (5-14 days generally) where babies sleep a lot and are still nice and curly from being in the womb, which greatly contributes to those cute little poses. You should schedule your newborn pictures Phoenix while you are still pregnant and we will pencil you into our schedule, and then contact us after the baby is born and we can make a definite time for your session.

Q. Is it important to choose someone who specializes in maternity and newborn photography?

We absolutely think so! For Phoenix maternity photographer and especially for newborn photography, experience and expertise contributes to safety in posing and handling newborns and knowing angles and lighting can greatly enhance your maternity images. Knowing how to help you relax and feel beautiful, so that your best self comes through the camera’s lens is another plus. Finally, we know how to patiently and lovingly soothe a fussy newborn so that the session can go smoothly.

I love that you call it an investment, these photos of our precious, little baby girl. That’s exactly how I feel about them. Looking through them, they are so much more to me than pictures...they are memories and family keepsakes.

-Kristin L.

A sunset session was brilliant! Wow! The lighting and shadow are just amazing. These are the most beautiful pictures I have ever had. I was worried about feeling fat and unattractive, but I do not think I’ve ever felt more beautiful. I think it forever changed my mind about being pregnant. What a gift!

-Carrie S.

So grateful to our photographer for your endless patience with all my questions and concerns. The consummate professional and just plain nice. The photos turned out amazing and I’m so thankful that you were willing to hang in there with me.

-Amy F.

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In your search for newborn photographers near me, you ended up here today and we’re so glad. Our mission, for baby photography Phoenix is to capture the fleeting moments before they fade and make a beautiful, lasting memory. Newborn Photography Phoenix is a full-service studio that serves your Maternity and Family photo needs. Specializing in Maternity, Newborn and Family photos is where our passion lies and we look forward to chatting with you soon.

Start the adventure by calling us or filling out our easy form here on our website, and we will get a consultation set up to answer your questions and talk about your ideas. Our expertise in capturing those beautiful moments and turning them into cherished treasures will make your investment something that lasts a lifetime. Contact us soon

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